Chloe Minkyung Kim

BEng in Computer Science, HKUST
Data Engineering NLP Deep Learning

👶🏻 Seoul 🧒🏻 Kuala Lumpur 📚 Hong Kong 💻 Singapore


I'm a fresh graduate with BEng in Computer Science from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, HKUST.
Skilled in Python, Java, Go, Machine/Deep Learning, and Web development. I'm currently doing Data Engineering
at Goldman Sachs and previously worked on Full Stack Web Development and various Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing (NLP) related projects.



  • Goldman Sachs Singapore


    July 2020

    • Implemented and opensourced big data milestoning component library which takes multiple types of source and target. Integrated with Ansi, H2, MemSQL and Snowflake.
    • Contributed towards opensourced Legend for user enablement for testing on data modelling tool called Studio using service called persistence integrated with milestoning library.
    • Improved stability, scalability, availability and latency by developing platform-based data reliability for Alloy Streaming (big data ETL platform) and Product Data Engineering space using Java, Prometheus, Thanos, Grafana.
    • Experienced in handling Kafka distribution system embedded in ETL platform with Kubernetes.
  • Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAiRE), HKUST Remote

    Web Developer

    Apr 2020 - Apr 2020

    • Designed and implemented full stack CAiRE-COVID project website for Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research (CAiRE). Check out the website!
  • Monan-Hanquoc Remote

    Full Stack Web Developer

    Feb 2020Mar 2020

    • Developed a Full Stack Web Application for Monan-Hanquoc.
  • J.P. Morgan Chase Hong Kong

    Summer Analyst

    Jun 2019Aug 2019

    • Developed a Personalized Recommendation System based on collaborative filtering with user clustering algorithm to improve client’s user experience on international private bank website using Python, Java, Angular.
    • Flask API of this Inference Service was deployed on Gaia (JPMC’s cloud service) which enabled firm-wide application.
  • Imago.AI Hong Kong

    Artificial Intelligence Researcher

    May 2018Aug 2018

    • Implemented a Neural Question & Answering model based on Bi-directional Attention Flow architecture with additional Self-attention mechanism to improve localization precision for pointer network, on SQuAD and MS MARCO dataset. Demo available here!
    • Implemented a Chinese Named Entity Recognition model using Bi-directional LSTM with CRF on Hong Kong address dataset.
  • Aromeo Hong Kong

    Part Time Web Developer

    Sep 2017Mar 2018

    • Developed Full-stack interactive web application with Node.js and React.js as an admin management console.
    • Designed and modelled the initial PostgreSQL database structure for server-side development.
  • Whereami, HKUST Hong Kong

    UG Researcher

    Jun 2016Aug 2016

    • Improved the indoor localization Android application using additional embedded geomagnetic positioning system.
    • Evaluated various localization technologies, such as GPS, geomagnetic, and Wi-Fi based positioning system, to improve indoor localization precision.


  • Fake News Detection Hong Kong

    Final Year Project

    May 2018May 2019

    • Proposed a comprehensive and diverse neural network-based model for fake news detecting system consisting of text, multi-modal(text-and-image), and query modules.
    • Suggested an alternative claim & evidence based approach of fact checking for fake news detection using BiDAF model for localization within evidence context and Allen NLP Decomposable Attention model pipeline.
    • Implemented Flask web application to integrate the system with trained models into an exportable API.
  • BundlePort Hong Kong

    CEO / CTO

    Jan 2018May 2019

    • Developed Full-stack web application focusing on enhancing UI/UX using Node.js and MySQL, and deployed on cloud server using AWS EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, and CloudFront.
    • Took full responsibility as a CEO to lead and manage the core logistic process, financial records, retail sales and rent team activities.
  • Big Data Analysis Society Hong Kong


    Sep 2017Jun 2018

    • Organized and instructed in group events to promote learning of basic Tensorflow, R, and Data Visualization.
    • Participated in Aviation Data Analysis Competition held by Korea Airport Corporation.


  • Technical Skills

    Java Python Rust PyTorch Tensorflow SQL Go C++ Kubernetes Prometheus Grafana

  • Language Skills

    English (Fluent) Korean (Native) Mandarin (Intermediate)

Honors and Awards

  • J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Internal Innovation Week Hackathon 2019 Winner (JPMC Trends) 2019

    SmarTone Hackathon 2018 “Smart Properties”, Interactive Property Chatbot - Top 3 Project 2018

    Targeted Scholarship under HKSAR Government Scholar Fund, Full Scholarship 20162020

    Admission Scholarship from HKUST, Full Scholarship 20162020

    Dean’s List from HKUST 20162019

    Certificate of Mensa International Membership from Mensa International, High IQ society 2015